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We Are a Boutique SEO Brisbane/Gold Coast Agency Providing 1-On-1 Services

Our clients are based in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Northern Rivers and Sydney. If your looking for an SEO company in Australia that will look after 'your business', then you have come to the right place.

Our prices are competitive (unless you are looking for a complete outsource company). If so, then you can probably get a good price from India or the Phillapines, but beware…! Just consider the $2 shop. You always know, that you get what you pay for.

In this day and age at least 30% of your marketing budget should go towards SEO. The online market space is taking off in Australia. You must keep up with this or you may not survive. Forget about Yellow Pages and print Ads. No-one looks at these anymore. We just Google it!!

Everyone gets about 3 quotes on average, when looking online for services, SEO or any business really. We would be more than happy to give you a quote.

However, we would love to speak to you for a couple of reasons.
  1. No business is alike

  2. We need more information to find the best key phrases for your business

  3. Cheap does not mean good

  4. Service is key ( you will know this )
Give us a call or fill out the form, but we would much prefer to speak to you. Every new business and industry we work with is fascinating. We could write a book about some of the clients we have..... but they might have to shoot us!

A Little Bit More About SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of enhancing and improving your website visibility in the natural (organic) search engine listings. SEO is regarded as the most powerful, effective and cost efficient way to boost your Internet rank, reach more people, and deliver qualified sales leads and traffic to your website.

The content of your website is essential in determining your Internet rank and a high volume of traffic to your website. SEO content is affordable, and there is no “cost per click” as with other Internet strategies. Our SEO Agency provides search engine optimisation services (SEO Services) to deliver prime business ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

We learn your business to understand precisely what best describes your products and services.

Our SEO Agency covering the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney process follows a methodical, systematic and rational approach from beginning to the end.

Website Analysis: At our SEO Agency, we undertake a detailed analysis of your website to identify the extent of your online presence and to get an idea of how we can make your website SEO friendly.  This will help you better understand your site and what is successful, and what needs to change to maximize your return on investment.

Competitive Analysis: Understanding your competitors and their strategy, tactics, and level of success is crucial to the success of your online presence and your page ranking. A clear picture of how you compare with your competition will help us identify the SEO techniques that are required to get you that top ranking!

Content Optimisation: Your online content is one of the most important factors affecting your page ranking on search engines and a key to your online success. Our experienced SEO copywriting specialists will write your website content based on keywords which best identify or relate to your business.

We use tools, techniques and writing styles in accordance with search engine guidelines so that your business will be discovered quickly and easily by your customer, and maximize the number for qualified visits to your website.
Page Optimisation: Upon completion of your website content, it is important to ensure that each and every website page is recognized by search engines to achieve the best possible ranking. This requires taking an in-depth look at each of your website pages, and applying strategies to improve page structure for the best search engine and internet user visibility.

• Social Media Guidance and Advice
Social Media is really important to connect with your clients, keep them informed and listen to their needs. Engaging with your audience is key to help your overall brand visibility and reputation. We can assist with your Social Media Strategy for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging. All of these tasks can assist to achieve even higher gains and traffic to your website.
Analysis, Ranking and Traffic Measurement: The real measure of your SEO investment is increased website traffic and sales revenue. Our post-optimisation analysis of your SEO website design will provide ongoing information about your online performance, and, if need be where you can improve – this will ensure that you continue your success and stay on top!


Other SEO Services

  • SEO Web Design Services - We provide key word content, getting it right for you from the outset. Our speciality is organic (unpaid algorithmic)
  • SEO Copywriting - SEO Agency Brisbane copywriting optimises website content by delivering keywords and key phrases so your website is displayed in search engine results whilst ensuring content and code flows seamlessly.
  • SEO Training - The SEO Agency workshop training teaches the complexities of SEO through an interactive and hands on SEO Training experience relevant to your site.
At our SEO Agency, we deliver search engine friendly content, optimised from the start. We help you rank your key words and phrases and manage indexing, analytics and tracking to ensure you get results”.

Would you like to learn more about our Brisbane/Gold Coast SEO Services?

The cost of an SEO consulting engagement can be structured in a manner suitable to how you work. Depending on the project scope we can provide a small business package to meet your budget. Our basic package includes word/phrase analysis, advice on website design and submission to top 3 search engines. Ongoing support options are available to maintain your site ranking.


Call Us Today to Discuss our Australian SEO Services on 1300 SEO AGENCY (1300 736 243).


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