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Need to Get Your Rankings Up? Been Penalised by Google? Unhappy With Your Current SEO Provider?

Get Local and Personalised SEO in Sydney! 

SEO Agency is a Boutique SEO Sydney Agency Specialising in Top Rankings for Small Businesses.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an online strategy used to organically improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Businesses that consistently rank on the first page of Google and other search engines benefit from large volumes of traffic, higher conversion rates, more sales and profits and greater brand awareness. 

If You are in Sydney - Focus on Local SEO

There are dozens of local businesses all vying for the attention of your customers – how can you make sure you stand out online?

SEO is an extremely effective tool that can put you on the cutting edge of your industry and help you overpower your competition. If you are in Sydney then local SEO is crucial to ensure that you achieve maximum visibility online.

Our SEO Sydney services and strategies are honest, trustworthy and valid. We believe in hard SEO work, not ‘black hat’ techniques. We are 100% Australian owned and operated and we take the time to understand your business and your goals to make sure you rank!

Get Started Today! Contact our SEO Agency for your FREE mini website analysis and your FREE keyword strategy and ranking report.

When you work with SEO Agency in Sydney, you receive…

  • High Rankings: Lost your rankings? Low visibility? Get your site on the first page of Google! All of our SEO Sydney services are above board, meaning we help you rank the RIGHT way, combining valuable, SEO-compliant strategies with the right keywords and the right content.

  • Quality Content & Traffic: Powerful and exceptional content is the key to great search engine rankings. We produce effective content for your site and your off-page campaigns to improve your ranking results and generate quality organic traffic and leads for your business.

  • A Creative SEO Approach: Sick of using the same old SEO strategies and getting no results? The same SEO techniques don’t work for everyone. We spend time getting to know your business – and we customise our SEO Sydney solutions to suit your needs, your goals and your company

  • Full Google Investigation: Were you hit by Penguin or Panda? Or are you unsure why your rankings have dropped? We offer a fully customised website analysis to determine if and why you might have been penalised by Google. We then assess the damage, make recommendations and implement effective SEO strategies to help get your rankings back.

  • Great Service: Lack of communication, muddy techniques, high fees and low rankings: We’ve seen it all and at our SEO Agency in Sydney, we’re not like that!

Why Choose Us?

  1. Great Service

  2. 1-On-1 SEO Services and account management

  3. FREE mini website audit

  4. FREE keyword strategy and ranking report

  5. Full website assessment to see if Google has penalised you

  6. Build your organic traffic and rankings the RIGHT way

  7. We understand small businesses and take the time to get to know yours

  8. Upfront and transparent SEO services – you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and when!

  9. 100% Australian based local support


SEO Sydney

Sydney SEO Services On Offer

Our SEO Sydney Services encompass a wide range of fresh and methodical approaches, each of which is incorporated into a tailored SEO strategy for your small business. 

We specialise in organic, unpaid algorithmic techniques that are employed and implemented from the start to guarantee your ranking success.

From keyword research and competitor analysis to indexing, analytics and enhancing your pages, our SEO Sydney services will ensure that you rank for the right phrases, with high ranking results every time.

  • Business Analysis – It’s All About You
    We understand that your business is unique and that what works for one website, may not work for another. SEO Agency takes the time to get to know your business and its products and services, instead of just diving into the deep end of SEO. Before starting your campaign, we take into account your SEO objectives, as well as your long-term business goals, so that we can effectively determine how to go about achieving your desired rankings.

  • Website Analysis – How’s Your Site Looking?
    Your website is the starting point for all things SEO. We investigate your website and generate a detailed analysis to gain an understanding of (a) your online presence, (b) how you are achieving that online presence and the SEO techniques you have been utilising to date (if any). This will provide us with a framework to decide which SEO techniques are required to maximise your return on investment. SEO Agency will make various recommendations, which we will discuss with you before implementing.

  • Content Optimisation – All On the Page 
    Website content is key to achieving great page rankings! We will analyse what is and isn’t working with your content, both for search engines and for users. Our experienced SEO copywriting specialists will then produce effective, keyword-centric content for your pages that appeals to your customers and also assists in improving your search engine rankings. We can write in the style best suited to your business and we use various tools and writing methodologies to ensure your content complies with search engine guidelines. All of this works to guarantee your rankings and increase the qualified visits and leads you receive.

  • Page Optimisation – Rank for Every Page! 
    Once your content is finalised, we then make sure every page on your website is maximised for search engine visibility. We conduct a thorough assessment of each of your web pages and utilise the content composed to enhance page structure, design and ‘readability.’ We also work your keywords into title tags and code your key phrases for optimum exposure.

  • Social Media Guidance and Advice - How to Get More Fans!
    Social Media is really important to connect with your clients, keep them informed and listen to their needs. Engaging with your audience is key to help your overall brand visibility and reputation. We can assist with your Social Media Strategy for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging. All of these tasks can assist to achieve even higher gains and traffic to your website.

  • Analysis, Ranking and Traffic Measurement – How Does It Look? 
    It’s fantastic when you see real, live SEO results coming through. As part of our SEO Sydney services, we offer comprehensive analytics and continuous measurement of your page rankings, as well as your traffic, leads, conversions and sales. Our post-optimisation services ensure that you continue to rank on an ongoing basis. We will amend your SEO website design, your keywords and your SEO content as necessary to maintain your rankings and prolong your success!

Ready to boost your rankings? Or are you interested in one of our other Sydney SEO Services?

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