Is Your SEO’s Pricing Wrong?

Is SEO’s Pricing Wrong?

Lets face it! You are on Page 1 of Google, prospect clients email you for a quote. In fact they generally email 3 SEO Agencies for quotes. Then……all they generally do is compare price. Well the thing is, SEO is not a commodity, we are NOT selling a product, a lipstick, a car or a water filter.

We are selling a service. The SEO industry has been slammed by scammers and dodgy companies over the years and still is. So who do these small business’s trust? It’s not easy. However, they need to take the time to research.

The majority of successful companies these days allocate 30% of their marketing dollars to online marketing, so they realise they need to get on board.

SEO Sydney Agency

This is why you need to build your brand, trust and reliability in the market place.

For this reason we provide only high quality SEO Marketing Services and ADVICE. Advice on online marketing strategies and the full overall strategy they need.
I know that all my competitors in the market place in Sydney and Australia are feeling the pain from the black hat SEO practices we hate.



Why Getting SEO Marketing Pricing and Packaging Right is Crucial

Price SEO by Value Rather Than by Cost

Think about this…

  • Not promising end results (sales) too early
  • Understanding your costs, and
  • Whether you should publish your pricing on your website


  1. If you price too low you may not make enough margin to support your business’ growth.
  2. If you price too low you’re less likely to go the extra mile that is always required because no project is ever perfectly scoped.
  3. If you price too high you get beat out by the competition needlessly.
  4. If you price too high you may be replaced in the future by a lower cost competitor because the client can’t tie your price to the value you deliver.

Price by SEO Marketing Value Rather Than by Cost

There are two simple ways for an SEO Agency to provide value to a client. Either bring in more revenue, or save cost. In order to determine which of these your agency will provide (and implicitly price by value), you need to understand your client’s business in two specific areas:

– The lifetime value (LTV) of customers for your client
– The client’s current marketing cost of acquisition (COCA)

The LTV of customers is crucial to understand because it ensures that marketing spends a commensurate amount to acquire that customer.

For example, a customer that makes many repeat purchases may be worth spending a lot on — even taking a loss on the first few purchases — if you know that on average they make many more purchases.

Think about it…….Join #HubSpot if you need good marketing advice or contact us for a realist marketing overview of your business, including SEO Marketing strategies.

Check out the great post from #HubSpot and download the eBook on this subject here…

Also a good article from Search Engine Land which is a little old but still holds true!

Have a great day and give us a bell if you would like further information. Or ask for a FREE SEO Quote here….



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Virginia is an SEO Specialist and Website Design Expert based in Sydney. Virginia's focus also covers Social Media and general marketing strategies on the Internet. Always happy to provide free advice to small business's. By Virginia Cottrell
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  1. Hi Virginia,
    Don’t know if you remember me from our Sun…days. LOL
    I saw your Linkedin update and thought this may be a good opportunity to see what your company can do for mine in the way of upping my sites google ratings. I left Oracle/Sun to retire in 2012 and so this now is just my retirement part time occupation and fairly low key.
    Hope you are keeping well and happy.

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