What is SEO?

What is SEO?

The world we live in is one that is dominated by technology. In today’s realm of the online, it’s become common knowledge that having a website just isn’t enough. There are words thrown around like “Panda” and “algorithm” and weird offerings like “SEO Services” But what does all of this really mean for your business? And why hire an SEO Agency?

SEO (or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’) is simply a way of getting your business noticed and viewed online. Its goal is to get more consumers to visit your website, so that you can potentially get more business.

Google Panda

So Why is SEO Necessary?

Well, because there are millions of websites out there. And without the right SEO Services, your web page won’t get found. Let’s say you do a search for “leather bags in Sydney.” The companies you see at the top of the search results are ones who have employed a range of SEO Services, probably through a reliable SEO Agency.

But when people use Google to search for one of the services you offer, how do they find you? Is it just coincidence? And how come another website is listed at the top of the Google results while yours is nowhere to be see

This is what SEO is – Search Engine Optimisation is a way of “optimising” your website so that it gets listed on the first page of results. Google (the dominating search engine) has a process called the “Panda algorithm” so that when you search for something, it says to itself:

“This person is looking for ‘wedding flowers in Sydney’… which sites are going to be most relevant to this user?” It then checks its massive database of websites (where yours sits) and decides, based on your content, links and other values, where in the list your site should be included.

So How Do You Get To The Top?

There are lots of SEO Services out there, all of which work to increase traffic to your site.

A good SEO Agency might improve your web content, incorporate search ‘keywords’ into your content (so your site becomes more relevant), start a blog for you (to make your site more valuable) and create lots of links to your site from elsewhere around the web, and so on.

An SEO Agency will usually create a campaign for you based on all of these SEO Services and more to increase your visibility.

And for your business, more visibility means more traffic. More traffic = more sales and more awareness… and a more successful business.

And That’s SEO.


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