Starting a Successful SEO Campaign

SEO Campaigns:

Let’s pretend you’ve bought a brand new car. It’s sleek, it’s shiny and it’s ready to go! You jump inside, put the key in the ignition … and nothing happens. You try again, but still, nothing. Suddenly, you realise the car has got no fuel. The engine is dead. The car won’t go anywhere. You’re stuck – and the car, even though it looks hot, is useless.

The same thing applies when it comes to your website. It might be beautiful and full of great information and powerful pictures (or it might not), but without any ‘fuel’ to make your website go, you’ll never get anywhere.

At several times in the life of your business, you will need to conduct a strong, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign to boost your website traffic – and increase your potential for new customers.

Serious campaigners will usually look for the help of an SEO agency, who are experts in SEO services and running successful SEO campaigns. SEO is the “fuel” that makes your website travel, makes it get seen and puts it at the top of search engine rankings!

When to Start Your SEO Campaign?

Ideally, the best time to start an SEO campaign is before building your website. Liaise with a reputed SEO agency to help you determine how to build your site so it is optimised for SEO.

Already got a website? Don’t fear! SEO is still very effective and possible – and the best time to start an SEO is anytime that you want to boost your rankings!


It’s essential to install and run an analytics software (like Google Analytics) for each page on your website. This will give you lots of statistical data detailing the success of your keywords, links and visitors and will give you an idea of how each of your pages is performing. Not a numbers person? Don’t stress! Run it anyway! An SEO agency will find the information invaluable and will be able to use it to help manage your SEO.

Discover Your Keywords

Keywords are the words that people use to search for your services on the Internet. It might be something like “cars for sale in Sydney” or “financial consulting” or even “SEO services.” Keywords are powerful tools and an experienced SEO agency will be able to produce unique keywords for your business and incorporate them into your website content and meta-descriptions to drive your online rankings.

Build Internal Links

For your website to create value for itself, it must have internal links. This means you should create links on each page that link to either (a) your home page or (b) other specific pages on your site (known as deep links). Once you’ve set up this foundation, an SEO agency will be able to develop more complex linking for your site. They will also develop a strategy to create backlinks (links from other websites) to your site.

Start a Blog

If you don’t have a blog, you should definitely start one. A blog will keep your website updated and fresh – and more favourable when it comes to search engine results. Your blog can be about anything that relates to your business and its services and products. Make sure your blogs are informative and educational – the more valuable they are, the better they will work for your SEO. If you can, write at least 1 blog a week. Don’t have time? Ask your SEO agency if they have a writer who can write your blogs for you.

Social Media

Finally, promote your website or product on Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and other blog sites and forums. This will help to increase traffic to your site and give you insight into your target market. Again, an SEO agency will know which blogs and forums to target to maximise your SEO potential.

SEO Methods

There are dozens of other SEO methods and tasks you can undertake to kick-start your SEO campaign, like page optimisation, site design optimisation, blog linking and tagging, but unless you’re really online-savvy, we recommend getting the help of an SEO agency with a range of SEO services. Remember, just like that new car, letting your website sit there is a waste. There’s only one way to drive it to the top – and that’s through SEO!

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