How Google Makes Over a 100 Million a Day!

Google Ad Words Data Statistics 2012

Google can make 100 million dollars in 24 hours!?

The team at wordstream created an infographic which showed the top 10 industry verticals who are spending the most on paid search and banner ads. It’s quite scary really. Particularly if you see that the finance industry is #1, despite the GFC and recession we are in. We all know the banks and loan companies are still reaming in the money but this is proof!!

So while they did this Google changed their API and wordstream had to remove the infographic. Why did they do this? It really just showed the industry’s that were spending the most in Google Ad words. Is it violating privacy acts to share Ad words data? Who knows.

Well one thing is for sure. A lot of small business’s are taking advantage of the free $100 that Google has been providing to start an Ad campaign. They start the campaign but do not know how to effectively manage it. Without a strong understanding of Ad words you can waste thousands of dollars. Using an agency for SEO Services to manage this may seem like additional costs to start with, but in the long run will save you a ton of money. To help you out here I’ve provided some of my best Ad word tips.

Tips for Using Google Ad Words

  1. Use Multiple Text Ads – and test them, again and again!
  2. Negative Keywords – this is one of the most important things business’s miss
  3. Review your Quality Score – high Ad quality will reduce the cost per click (CPC)
  4. Review your Click Through Rate (CTR) – low CTRs indicate poorly targeted campaigns. You’re losing clicks to competitors
  5. Long Tail Keyword Optimization – Long-tail keywords cost less per click and can often drive more conversions
  6. Text Ad Optimization – writing more targeted ads will go a long way toward improving results. Get the most out of PPC, target your weakest ads and replace them with new and relevant text ads that feature compelling text and keywords
  7. Impression Share – Impression share is a measure of how often your ads are appearing for searches that are relevant to your ads. The more impressions the more likely your Ad will show up
  8. Landing Pages – are your Ads taking the user to a specific optimized page with ‘call to actions’ as opposed to the home page?

And now for the infographic data….We can only show you a snapshot, as due to the API policy the full graphic had to be removed.

We also have no problem with Ad words, however a lot of small business’s cannot afford it. Particularly as the big brands take over, and it is just not possible to compete anymore, even in niche markets.

SEO Services SydneyFinance Industry #1

Travel #2

Shopping #3

Jobs and Education #4

Internet and Telecom #5

Computers and Electronics #6

Business and Industrial #7

Home and Garden #8

Autos and Vehicles #9

Beauty and Fitness #10


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