Kim Wilde Drunk Christmas Impromtu Performance on British Rail

Kim Wilde Drunk on a Train – ‘Kids in America’ Viral Video

Commuters traveling home by train last night in London expecting a quiet journey must have been fearing the worst when they saw a man take out a guitar and a woman start to sing.

Kim Wilde was drunk on a train and those on the train from London Kings Cross approaching Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, suddenly realised it was brother and sister duo Kim and Ricky Wilde putting on an impromptu performance.

Kim Wilde and her brother played a few of her hits ‘Kids In America‘ and ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree‘ whilst returning from the Magic radio station Christmas party in London on a First Capital Connect train service. The Daily Mail reported the Kim Wilde drunk story but check out the video below:

kim wilde drunkKim Wilde Drunk







Here is the Kim Wilde (drunk) video, we would love this one to go viral!

Kim Wilde was a hero from the 80’s circa, we loved her! All the feedback from this video was GOOD. It’s Christmas and lets just have fun, who really cares if Kim Wilde was drunk on a train!


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